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Alicia met with us and identified what we were looking for. She planned out an entire weekend for us to look at houses. The very first house we saw was the one we ended up getting.

Alicia was very personable the entire time, communicated wonderfully, and was absolutely the perfect person for the job.
We would highly, highly, highly recommend San Francisco Relocate for anyone looking to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area.
Brian Blocker Senior Front End Developer, Chartboost, Moved from Tulsa (Oklahoma) to San Rafael (Marin County)
Alicia was very easy to work with in our search for a San Francisco rental apartment. The rental market in the Bay Area can be difficult to navigate and complicated, but she made the process very simple and fun. She provided a great orientation to the various neighborhoods and we were able to secure a great apartment in less than 2 days. I would definitely recommend that you hire Alicia if you need to find an apartment in San Francisco and have a limited time frame. She was a tremendous help to us and very professional. Great job!
Ronald Lee Mark David Levine MD Psychiatrists Professional Corporation, Moved from Baltimore (Maryland) to San Francisco.
If you are planning to move to the Bay Area, I would highly recommend Alicia as an outstanding relocation expert. After our first meeting she was able to advice on the neighborhoods in San Francisco that met our requirements.
In a very short notice Alicia was able to set up over 24 house visits in three days.Thanks to her determination and negotiation skills, she was able to get for us our number one choice. This is no small matter when you are looking for a house in San Francisco.

Alicia has been also helping us and advising us with everything related to settling down in the US in general and in San Francisco in particular. Alicia has proven to be an extremely efficient and professional partner.
We could not have gotten the house we wanted, in the neighborhood we wanted and in-budget if it wasn’t for Alicia’s outstanding knowledge of the market and her professionalism. A must know if you are looking to relocate to the Bay Area.
Amalia Gonzalez Revilla Guidewire Software, Moved from Paris (France) to San Francisco.
I have worked with relocation specialist for a few years, but Alicia was the best we’ve ever worked with in the past 12 years. She was punctual, responsive, attentive to detail and more importantly she made me feel like part of a community from the moment we contacted her. She never seemed stressed or second-guessed my feelings regarding schools or neighborhoods. She was so good at listening to my wants, needs and fears that we found a place in less than two days. I hired ALICIA because as a European living in the USA I knew she would understand us well and find us the best solution. To top it off, the home we found was more than we ever thought we would have and the landlord is amazing! My landlord loved working with Alicia and because he felt that he was in such good hands made it easy for him to pick us as well. Alicia’s amazing personality also made it a pleasure to spend so much time with her. We would work with Alicia again and recommend her again in a heart beat.
Adriana Lehman Luxury Goods and Jewelry Professional, Moved from Berlin (Germany) to Redwood City in the Peninsula
Recommended by a mutual acquaintance, Alicia was great to work with. Most people who have been through a relocation process, particularly from the other side of the world, know how complicated and stressful the predicament of international relocation can be. Alicia’s deep local knowledge of the Bay area was key in finding the right house. Our new home meets both my professional constraints (budget, commute, etc.) and my family needs. Alicia went also beyond her role by providing numerous advices that have made our transition much easier. I can highly recommend Alicia for your relocation needs in particular if you are moving from the Old world.
Eric Gabrys Trade and Investment Commissioner, Moved from Brussels (Belgium) to San Rafael
With no more than a brief email and phone call just days before a weekend apartment hunting trip to San Francisco, Alicia energetically jumped into action. She managed to arrange over TWENTY apartment viewings in a single weekend, and almost immediately understood what my roommate and I were looking for (and even managed to resolve our disagreements!).

Alicia is incredibly knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market and professional culture; with her charm, organizational skills and expertise, Alicia made a seemingly daunting apartment hunt not only extremely efficient and effective, but genuinely exciting and fun. I would recommend her services to anyone relocating to San Francisco, whether or not you’re crunched for time or have any prior experience in the Bay area.
David Kiferbaum Fenwick & West LLP, Moved from New York City to San Francisco
I can say with full confidence that Alicia completely exceeded my expectations. Having enlisted her help for an unusually difficult relocation situation (large dog & limited budget after graduating college), I always felt as though she had my best interest at heart. From scheduling all the appointments to following up with agents/owners, Alicia constantly provided invaluable guidance while being prompt and (realistically) managing my expectations.

She regularly went out of her way, and well above and beyond the original agreement to ensure I found the best options within my budget. She was a pleasure to work with from our initial consultation to the final viewing day. I was able to see a number of options in all different parts of the city, which allowed me to easily compare what I could afford in my price range. Overall – It was a wonderful experience in an incredibly limited time frame.

Without a single hesitation, I would highly advise anyone daunted by the prospect of finding an apartment in such a competitive market to work with Alicia. She completely eliminated stress on my end from the process and provided me with all the resources to secure my dream apartment in San Francisco!
Danielle Larossi Davis Edelman, Moved from Burlingame (California) to San Francisco
Without Alicia, I am absolutely convinced we never would have found our dream home in Moraga. And in one day, to boot!

My boyfriend and I relocated from a Seattle suburb, and neither of us knew anything about the Bay Area, so we looked up some neighborhoods recommended by colleagues at my boyfriend’s new job. As I looked through listings on various websites, I just felt so overwhelmed. We had booked a week-long stay at a hotel in the East Bay, but I didn’t think a week would be enough time to find a place on our own. That’s when we decided we would call a relocation specialist. Thanks to Alicia, we spent most of that week relaxing at our hotel and exploring San Francisco instead of trying to set up appointments and find our way around on our own.

In a nutshell, Alicia is an amazing individual and professional. I learned so much about the Bay Area, but I also had many other enlightening conversations with her. She drove us to all of our appointments and kept us on task and on time. We found our place the first day and we were able to sign the lease the following afternoon!

As I type this, I am waving to my new squirrel friends on our private deck that is surrounded by trees. It reminds us so much of Washington State, which is exactly what we told Alicia we wanted: to be in nature, lots of trees, green. We’ve only been here a month, but it already feels like home.
Aimie Lopez and John Turner NaturalMotion. Inc, Moved from Kirkland (Washington) to Moraga
Thanos to San Francisco Relocate, our relocation on this new country was made easy and comfortable. After a first interview where we explained our needs and main goals regarding our big family, Alicia started looking for the best options, offering us an accurate selection of houses that complied and satisfied our interest, helping us along the whole process of acquisition of the new house. Working with San Francisco Relocate was really an awesome experience.
Daniel Jauregui Alonso ComsaEmte, Moved from Madrid (Spain) to Tiburon, Marin County
My family’s near-term future was in Alicia’s hands and I feel I made the right choice. She seemed genuinely interested in our needs and focused the relocation search to neighborhoods with the right mix of family and high-quality schools within our budget. Alicia’s energy is boundless, her follow-through commendable, and her honest feedback welcome.
Dragan Casulic EngineerRLG International, Moved from Toronto (Canada) to Moraga

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