Relocating to Silicon Valley

Are you considering relocating to Silicon Valley for work? Silicon Valley is very diverse but there are many common threads. There is a true appreciation of the value placed on innovation, entrepreneurship and hard work in terms of industry & labor. Recreation counts, too, though: enjoyment of the outdoors, the arts, the San Jose Sharks (our ice hockey team), local history, wine making, volunteerism, school involvement, and dining out all rank as important, too. In many areas, schools and school excellence is an extreme priority, as many of the people who move here are highly educated professionals.

If you are relocating to Silicon Valley, you will discover that there’s a lot to love about Silicon Valley, beyond, of course, the weather and spirit of innovation. Silicon Valley has a vibrant arts community, a very highly educated melting pot of a population, a love of being outdoors, and easy access to so much that’s great about northern or central California: San Francisco (an hour away), Santa Cruz, the coastal towns like Capitola and the beach (about a half hour to an hour away), the exquisite Monterey Peninsula (just 90 minutes to 2 hours away) and “wine country” in Napa and Sonoma just 2 hours north.

If you are relocating to Silicon Valley, during the rental tour, our relocation specialists will answer any questions you may have about moving to Silicon Valley, and you will find out about the day-to-day life, allowing you to make a realistic evaluation of your new location and will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for what to expect when you relocating to Silicon Valley.

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Neighborhoods you should know when relocating to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is all of Santa Clara County, plus a little of neighboring counties. It’s generally the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. From the middle of Silicon Valley, it’s about an hour by car to San Francisco and about 30 minutes by car to the beach at Santa Cruz.

What cities and towns are here? The list includes the town of Los Gatos, and these cities: Campbell, Saratoga, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and San Jose.


Learn about its outstanding Schools

When relocating to Silicon Valley your family will enjoy the finest public schools and districts, with excellent scores at all levels of schooling, tend to be found in the most expensive parts of Santa Clara County, and most of them are along the “west valley” areas, including Almaden Valley (an area of San Jose), Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto.

The experience of working in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, is home to hundreds of start-up and global technology companies, with Google, Apple and Facebook among the most prominent. It’s also the site of technology-focused institutions. The Computer History Museum and NASA’s Ames Research Center are in Mountain View, while the Tech Museum is in San Jose. As of 2014, the region employed more than 250,000 information technology workers.

When touring Silicon Valley, our relocation experts will inform you about your specific commuting options so you can have all the information you need to make the right decision about both housing and schools for your children.

The Cost of Living in Silicon Valley

When relocating to Silicon Valley, everyone agrees that the one downside is the cost of housing. In general, if you move here from elsewhere in the county, you will pay more and get less. We all wish it were different, but the high demand for housing and the relatively low supply is what creates the situation. People love to live here, and if you join us, we hope you will, too.


Family Fun and Weekend Activities in Silicon Valley

When relocating to Silicon Valley you will find out that there are oodles of fun things for kids and the young-at-heart to do in San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley area.

In San Jose and Santa Clara, you can visit the Happy Hollow Zoo and Park. It’s is a great place for younger kids. It features a petting zoo, non-scary rides, and places to run off steam. The Tech Museum of Innovation. Recommended for kids ages 7 and up, but especially for kids 10 and up. California’s Great America in Santa Clara is suitable for all ages but teens will like this best! This park does offer some water play areas and some little kid areas Also, check out the Wow Card if you’ll be back again in the same season.

Check out its classy NightLife

Mountain View: Casto Street is the home of all of MTV’s nightlife. It’s mostly a bar crawl scene, with big draws being Stephen’s Green and Molly MaGees. Molly’s and Zen Lounge have dancing. The former is usually full of 30-something and 40-somethings dancing to top 40.

San Jose:Most of SJ’s nightlife is focused on Downtown. Most of the tech crowd sticks to San Pedro square, with Firehouse, O’Flaherty’s, and Wagon Wheel being the major ports of call. The best parties are all invite-only House Parties. Due to geography these are frequently SJSU parties or parties thrown by new engineers at one of the Valley giants.

The incredible Shopping in Silicon Valley

While online and mobile shopping, same-day shipping and airborne delivery drones grow in popularity, there’s no substitution for a trip out to the local shopping centers for a tactile experience of browsing and buying. Retailers have shifted their focus entirely to improving the consumer experience while restaurants are constantly recreating their cuisine to keep dining fresh and exciting.

Restaurants in Silicon Valley that will awake your senses

While online and mobile shopping, same-day shipping and airborne delivery drones grow in popularity, there’s no substitution for a trip out to the local shopping centers for a tactile experience of browsing and buying. Retailers have shifted their focus entirely to improving the consumer experience while restaurants are constantly recreating their cuisine to keep dining fresh and exciting.

Alicia recently helped us find an apartment in San Francisco for our son. She was organized, and knew the sections of the city well. We visited nearly twenty apartments in two days and we obtained our first choice. The competition for apartments is fierce and we would never have been able to obtain what we did on our own, despite being California residents and having spent time in the Bay Area previously. Wonderful person, knows her subject and knows her city. Highly recommended without reservation.

Kevin Wingert
Physician New Millenium Medicine
Moved from Santa Barbara (California) to San Francisco

Alicia was very easy to work with in our search for a San Francisco rental apartment. The rental market in the Bay Area can be difficult to navigate and complicated, but she made the process very simple and fun. She provided a great orientation to the various neighborhoods and we were able to secure a great apartment in less than 2 days. I would definitely recommend that you hire Alicia if you need to find an apartment in San Francisco and have a limited time frame. She was a tremendous help to us and very professional. Great job!

Ronald Lee
Physician Mark David Levine MD Psychiatrists Professional Corporation
Moved from Baltimore (Maryland) to San Francisco

Recommended by a mutual acquaintance, Alicia was great to work with. Most people who have been through a relocation process, particularly from the other side of the world, know how complicated and stressful the predicament of international relocation can be. Alicia’s deep local knowledge of the Bay area was key in finding the right house. Our new home meets both my professional constraints (budget, commute, etc.) and my family needs. Alicia went also beyond her role by providing numerous advices that have made our transition much easier. I can highly recommend Alicia for your relocation needs in particular if you are moving from the Old world.

Eric Gabrys
Trade and Investment CommissionerBrussels Invest and Exports
Moved from Brussels (Belgium) to San Rafael

It was by far the best introduction to San Francisco. We are a family of 4 coming from Spain and we really did not know much about the city. Alicia understood exactly where we wanted to live and which schools to take us. We are extremely pleased with their services and all this would not have been possible without her. We strongly recommend Alicia, she is very knowledgeable about the Bay Area and takes time to understand your needs and provide adequate solutions.

Fernando Diez
CEO Milesman Laser
Moved from Leon (Spain) to Tiburon, Marin County

Alicia is a very professional and results oriented relocator that knows every corner in San Francisco, can charm and convince any landlord and follows a very tight and efficient schedule. Alicia adapts immediately to customer needs and therefore delivers a perfect service. In my case, in just two days, we have visited over 15 apartments and singed the perfect deal thereafter. Hence, I can highly recommend her services.

Tobias Haag
Founder and CEO TBA
Moved from Berlin (Germany) to San Francisco

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